Ready to Launch

After months of hard work, not seeing anyone, your startup is ready for launch. Yes..! 🎉🚀 The moment you waited for. Now you start building your business. And off course it’s going to be a success and you will get rich and famous!

You make a profile at Twitter and tweet about it, you submit your startup at Producthunt and Reddit. Now it begins, you have waited long enough. This is your moment.

Nothing happens.
After a few ours still nothing happens.
After a few days you have 100 visitors, 10 subscribers and 1 canceled subscription.

You wonder... What did I do wrong?

You forgot to build your own audience and community before the launch. Wouldn’t it be smart to have a massive following first? Write blogs about your idea, get in touch people first?

I’m currently working on Sitebird and I really can’t wait to launch. But first, i’m going to read, tweet and write about other stuff. Not to sell but to build my audience. And then, maybe in six months or maybe even a year I will launch.

How to build your own audience?
Here are some recourses I would recommend:

• The Art of Twitter: A Guide to Building Your Twitter Account
by Harsh Strongman

• Seth Godin: Purple Cows
by David Perell

• Blog Tips For Building A Bigger Audience In Less Time
by Michael Hyatt

• How to start building an audience when you don’t have any audience yet
by Sagi Shrieber

• Everyone Can Build a Twitter Audience
by Daniel Vassallo

• Your Startup Idea Isn’t New And Your Audience Doesn’t Care
by Sophia Sunwoo

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