How do you stick to a startup idea
and stop changing your mind?

I have a new startup idea everyday. I keep going back and forth between ideas. I can’t commit. Something keeps taking me back to the one I started with but as soon as someone suggests a better idea, I jump at that idea.

How do I make a choice and not look back?

The key here is to stick to the phrase that you may have heard buzzing around: fail fast. There’s nothing wrong with having ideas for a new product or service. The problem is not doing anything about those ideas.

I suggest for you to write down on a sheet of paper every single idea you have. Then, quickly jump on sites like Linkedin, Quora, and/or Reddit and write a post asking the appropriate audience whether or not they would use the product or service you plan to build.

Once you have this feedback, figure out what two ideas have the most positive feedback and potential for revenue. Next, you need to decide on a single idea based on what you and your team are capable of developing with the resources you have in a reasonable amount of time. Remember, time is passing by and the sooner you can get an MVP out the door, the sooner you can start generating revenue.

Hence, even if an idea has a ton of great feedback, it may require a ton of investor money for it to provide value as an MVP. The goal is to find that idea that provides value and you can build with minimal resources an MVP fast.

I dealt with this at Sitebird. I had two ideas that seemed promising based on user feedback. It was tough deciding just based on the feedback, but when I introduced the question, “which one can I build quickly and provide value with an MVP version?”, the choice was easier.

This may sound cliche, but truly believe in the idea you choose to move forward with. Never turn back and just keep on pushing!

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