Easy tips to improve your newsletter

Some tips on how to improve your newsletter.

Write your e-newsletter as an email to a favorite client
Don’t add graphics, don’t use headers or footers instead just keep it a simple plain text email. This keeps it personal and helps you avoid sounding like a saleman. You’ll be amazed at the response.

Add a contest or giveaway
Give your customers a reason to open these emails, keep it fun.

Keep it simple
Too much information and they will pass it by.

Make sure you have a strong call to action
For that goal in a color that stands out – to invite the reader to take action.

Test it
Send it out, look at it on your mobile device and make sure it looks good on a smart phone.

Pair down the copy
Take out all the unnecessary copy, keep it as simple as possible.

Use strong sub heads to break out copy
Think of those sub heads as headlines and take time to make them catch the eye.

Send the Newsletter from a Human Being
Instead of sending it from Startup X, Send it from Your Name, Startup X. Or instead of sending your newsletter from Sitebird.com, it might be from Yori at Sitebird.com.

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